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Author Randolph Leigh Reaches Top of Amazon Best Seller List with Stop the Pills

Author Randolph Leigh has released his latest work, Stop the Pills: The Ultimate Guide for Living a Life of Optimum Health Free from Prescription Drugs and has been awarded Best Seller status on Amazon in multiple Health categories. The book is designed to help anyone regain vibrant health and heal from a wide variety of diseases and conditions without prescriptions.

As a wellness and business consultant, Randolph Leigh has helped many people understand how they can regain control of their physical, mental and emotional health and become the success they have always wanted to be. Now, his Best Selling book, Stop the Pills: The Ultimate Guide for Living a Life of Optimum Health Free from Prescription Drugs, will help those who want to take a pro-active approach to good health.

According to Randolph, the power to remain healthy already exists in everyone’s body. However, many people are content with average or even poor health because they simply do not know how to unlock this enormous potential and enjoy a healthy and vigorous lifestyle. Regardless of age, anyone can attain optimum health. Stop the Pills contains valuable lessons on how to stop deeply rooted subconscious thoughts from becoming obstacles to great health and fitness; how to reset priorities to make health important; how to stop relying on doctors for health advice; how to train the body to thrive on good foods; how to consistently practice good health habits; how to improve sleep and maintain energy; how to begin an effective exercise program; how to control stress; and how to make positive changes resulting from deeper self-awareness.

Randolph Leigh states, Stop the Pills reveals valuable lessons that will help anyone regain optimum health and rid themselves of the need to take pills. We should realize that our accomplishments matter little if we don’t possess good health and vigor to lead a good life. If you want to learn about the power of your mind and body, read this book!”

For a limited time, audiences can purchase an advanced copy of Stop the Pills: The Ultimate Guide for Living a Life of Optimum Health Free from Prescription Drugs for $14.99 rather than the retail price of $34 on Amazon or on and also get updates, news and event information.

About Randolph Leigh: Best Selling author and entrepreneur Randolph Leigh had a long and successful career in Computer Networking and Network Engineering. When faced with extreme health challenges, he decided to make major changes that led him to live a more purposeful and significant life. Having discovered the secret to restoring vigor and strength through his research, this visionary and innovator now empowers others to do the same.

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