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Wandera Protects Against Mobile Security Threats

San Francisco, CA – If faced with mobile security threats, Wandera can help. It provides security solutions for mobile devices. Any company with a workforce that is equipped with mobile devices is exposed to security threats. There are many risks involved and protection is necessary.

“The starting point for Wandera is our lightweight app on the device,” says company representative. “The Wandera mobile app is employee friendly and helps educate users on their data usage and notifies them of any important policy updates you’ve introduced. Most importantly, we alert them directly for any major security event.”

In 2016, Gartner, an authority in the cybersecurity space, identified four vital areas that all technologies for mobile devices threat defense should have, which Wandera protects against. These are app scans, vulnerability assessments, behavioral anomalies and network securities. In 2016, Wandera discovered travel apps that leaked personal information, like those of the world’s biggest airlines. Wandera protects against this threat by regularly scanning mobile apps at network and EMM level to block suspicious activities. Android devices are created with some default settings like installation of third party apps and allowing USB access to a device for debugging. These can make the mobile device exposed to attacks and malware. This type of vulnerability is flagged by Wandera which prevent users from exposure of data.

Behavior Anomaly Detection: Low-cost Android versions have backdoor Kryptowire created for Chinese OEMs and carriers to be able to track the behavior of their customers for marketing purposes. Massive information about user activities and their phones were sent to Chinese servers which can be exploited by cyber attackers. Wandera ( is able to prevent this via MI:RIAM, a real-time analytics intelligence and insight engine that detects abnormal device behaviors and notifies administrators right away. Network Security: A spoof Wi-Fi network was placed off the headquarters of a famous Nordic bank by hackers. Through it, hackers were able to intercept data from some staff who were connected to the Wi-Fi. An inline cloud proxy by Wandera can prevent middleman attacks like by scanning network activities in real-time and block suspicious connections for a safe mobile fleet.

Those who want to check how safe their mobile fleet is can call Wandera at 415-275-0636 and schedule a demo, or visit their website at

The company is located at 180 Sansome Street, San Francisco, CA 94104. With questions or concerns, one may also email them at [email protected]

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