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In-Depth Review of Anik Singal’s Profit Academy – Published by Hanif Quentino (eMarketingChamps)

An in-depth review of Anik Singal’s Profit Academy is gaining a lot of attention from internet marketers from around the world. This in-depth review has been published by web traffic & conversion expert Hanif Quentino. Hanif is a web marketing consultant who is best known for his expertise in SEO, Adwords and advanced monetization.

Anik Singal, the creator of Profit Academy, has previously create the Affiliate Classroom, which was widely regarded as one of the most comprehensive affiliate training platforms on the market. After many successful years, Anik suffered some serious health issues and retired from internet marketing for a few years.

As Anik’s health improved, he launched Inbox Blueprint in 2014, which became one of the biggest IM launches of the year, grossing 7-figures in Sales.

The Profit Academy is an upgraded, evolved version of Inbox Blueprint. This Academy incorporates digital product creation, asset creation and expansive traffic generation techniques. However, the 1st phase training is entirely designed for beginners and newbies who have no prior experience. The 2nd & 3rd phases cover intermediate and advanced topics.

Profit Academy is being regarded as a complete training, coaching, mentorship and community platform for all entrepreneurs who want to launch their own digital businesses, regardless of their experience level.

Hanif Quentino’s in-depth review of Profit Academy covers the ins and outs of this system, mentions the main benefits, and also gives some important drawbacks that informed buyers may want to consider before enrolling in the Academy.

Profit Academy is entirely focused on creating a digital ‘asset’ and generating traffic from reliable, scalable sources such as SEO & Facebook. The following social media news shows one of the many strategies that Profit Academy enrollees will have the opportunity to exploit.

Google+ now lets users pin posts to the top of pages and profiles. This new feature can be accessed via the Google+ Android app or in desktop browsers. Support is supposed to be coming to iOS devices in the near future.

Twitter and Facebook have had pinning features for a while now. On Facebook, users can pin posts on Pages, and on Twitter, users can pin tweets to the top of their profile pages. It seems like with this new pinning post feature, Google+ has finally decided that it is time to catch up with their competition.

The truth is that no matter how many new features Google+ rolls out, it is unlikely to ever become as popular as Facebook or Twitter. That said, a lot of people do like Google+ circles and many people think that their feeds on Google+ are more relevant to their interests than their Facebook and Twitter feeds.

Unfortunately, many Google+ users are still confused by the integration of Google+ and YouTube. The way in which Google handled the integration made a lot of people hate Google+ without even trying it out properly. The fact that YouTube users were forced to create Google+ pages in order to comment on videos made a lot of people very angry.

There are no signs of social media networks like Google+ and Facebook going away in 2015. In fact, many predict that social media platforms are going to play a much larger role on the internet over the course of the next five years. Companies are now paying large amounts of money in order to build their brand reputation on social media networks because they know that having a good brand reputation on social media networks can lead to a massive increase in sales.

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