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FlipHTML5 Introduces Flipbook Creator for Parents and Educators

Animated PDF Flipbook
The creative ebook creator can help create interesting animated story books, audio books for children.

Not long ago the creation of eBooks for children was the provenance of published authors, illustrators, and educational institutes who had the largesse of publishing houses like MacMillan or Houghton Mifflin to help them bring their book to digital life. If someone wanted to break into this market for children he or she either needed to be technologically adept or had the money to pay a service to produce it for them. As technology advances so does demand for products. Products like Adobe Academics and FlipHTML5, a leading developer of flipbook creator, are the industry’s response to that demand.

According to recent statistics on elementary education, online homeschooling is on the rise in America. This means more and more students will require potent and portable choices for learning and discovery. Having the ability to take a PDF document and quickly turn it into the type of “flip book” that will keep a child’s attention is invaluable to the success of reading and educational project as this is the type of technology that children are coming to expect in public S.M.A.R.T education.

The process is simple and can be done in minutes. The author or educator simply drags and drops their PDF file into the marked area and the tool guides you the rest of the way in design and add-ons. Audio, video, and animation can quickly be added to the product prior to its production and once the user is satisfied he or she then clicks on the icon to create and post their online project. The entire process can take less than five minutes depending on the scope.

“Flip books, especially those of a digital nature, have been previously used for catalogs and artists who are showcasing a product or graphic design,” says CEO Winston Zhang. “We are innovators at heart. We realized quickly that our product has far more use than that of a catalog or online ‘coffee table book’ of pictures. It can be a tool to present a story or even illustrate a lesson.”

The FlipHTML5 for parents and educators will revolutionize online education, making it more accessible for educators and parents homeschooling their children to create quick presentations for self-study moments or for fledging children’s writers to communicate their stories effectively to their target audience. “We are so happy to be able to contribute something significant to society,” Winston tells us. “Especially when that product enhances the lives of children.” FLIPHTML5 offers a free version of the software to get people started with affordable monthly alternatives for those who have a more commercial or rigorous project in mind.

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