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Introducing the State-of-the-art Features of Qi Hydration Packs

The state-of-the-art hydration Pack and Bladder designed for extraordinary efficiency and comfort is finally here. CamelBak is pleased to introduce its innovative product – Qi Hydration Packs – that comes with truly excellent features that will make anyone’s outdoor endurance activity more wonderful and exciting.

Sometimes, many bikers hesitate or even forget to stop and drink, which often lead to dehydration. This is usually because of the convenience of stopping in the middle of their trip just to quench their thirst. The great news is that CamelBak introduces a groundbreaking product, the Qi Hydration Pack that is loaded with truly amazing features that every outdoor activity enthusiasts will truly love.

A Qi hydration Pack is an ideal type of hydration system. It is a cutting-edge product made by Camelback as a waist pack or backpack that contains a reservoir or a bladder. It is developed with the use of a durable component and a puncture resistant material. A Qi Hydration Pack is even noted as one of the toughest and the best water packs today.

The Qi Hydration packs are specially made with comfortable padded backs to allow the air to circulate the back and the pack as well. Adjustable straps and mesh harness are also beneficial to bring the hydration pack in the right place so that it always sits comfortably on the back of the user. Such features are not only provided to ensure comfort but also to prevent any back injury that may be caused by offensive loading.

Users can now easily drink with this unique product by CamelBak.  Adventurers and outdoor endurance activity enthusiasts now have the necessity to quench their thirst in an easy and convenient manner. With the use of a water bottle, users need to stop or retard just to drink. But, with the Qi hydration pack, it allows them to drink easily, even while they are bombing down a track on their mountain bike.

With its excellent features, there is no doubt to say that Qi Hydration Packs are the best example of good construction and functionality in sports equipments. These hydration packs provide every biker or hiker a wonderful choice for their water needs.

CamelBak is a reputable outdoors equipment company dedicated to providing the highest quality hydration products in the market. One of its excellent products is the Qi Hydration Pack that comes with truly wonderful features that every biker will certainly enjoy.

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