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Maple Leafs’ Nazem Kadri gets four-game suspension

Toronto Maple Leafs forward Nazem Kadri, just back from a team-imposed suspension, will have to sit again. This time, the punishment was handed down by the league, which announced Wednesday that he was being suspended for four games his illegal check to the head of Edmonton’s Matt Fraser on Monday.635621955589520012-matt-fraser-3-17

Fraser was retrieving the puck along the boards in the third period when Kadri swung past and caught him in the head with his left arm. He went to Fraser to apologize, but the player went to the dressing room and didn’t return. “The angle taken by Kadri ensures that any contact made with Fraser will be made with his head as the main point of contact,” the NHL’s Patrick Burke said in a video. “The onus, therefore, is on Kadri to avoid this head contact. He fails to do so.”

Burke said Kadri could have made a full-body hit or leaned to his right to avoid any hit. Instead, he leaned into Fraser and injured him. Kadri, who received two minutes on the play, had a history before the league. He was suspended for three games in November 2013 for a hit that left Minnesota Wild goalie Niklas Backstrom with a concussion. That incident occurred less than 18 months ago, making Kadri a repeat offender.

He will forfeit $141,463.40 in pay. Kadri was suspended by the Maple Leafs last week after showing up late to a meeting.Team President Brendan Shanahan then announced that he was adding two games to the typical one-game punishment for such an infraction. The Fraser hit occurred in Kadri’s second game back.