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Most Comprehensive Health & Diet Planner to seek crowd fund support at Kickstarter

Canadian industrial designer Ivelin Demirov would soon be launching a crowdfunding campaign at Kickstarter seeking support for most comprehensive health & diet planner called the Radiance Planner which will allow the users to record & track every aspect of daily routine & diet in a new unseen way.

Montreal, QC – July 27th, 2016 – Canadian industrial designer Ivelin Demirov is soon to launch a crowdfunding campaign at Kickstarter seeking support for his new age most comprehensive health & diet planner Radiance Planner. This is the 2nd edition of his hugely successful previous Personal Lifestyle and Diet Journal Daily Planner that took the Amazon by storm with its unique layout in the early quarters of 2016.

The crowdfunding campaign for the 2nd edition Radiance Planner is geared to gather 3,500 CAD.

“I am excited to announce that I am soon to come up with the second edition of my popular Personal Lifestyle and Diet Journal Daily Planner launched in January this year. The upcoming product is the most comprehensive health & diet planner till date where you would be able to record & track every aspect of daily routine & diet. Stop counting the calories and just forget what others are doing – to maximize your body system, you have to tailor your routine and our upcoming Radiance Planner is the perfect aide in your busy life. But such a futuristic product demands solid financial backup and hence the crowdfunding campaign – your support would be much appreciated,” smiled Demirov while announcing about the soon-to-launch crowdfunding campaign for the second version of his widely acclaimed The Radiance Planner.

The designer stressed on a new user-friendly layout that makes food tracking easy even if the user don’t know much about nutrition. Given its portable size, the journal can be smoothly packed into a purse or a briefcase with complete ease.

With 240 color pages, the upcoming journal carries a dimension of 8.5 by 5.5” and comes with sturdy leatherette hardcover as well as a convenient expandable inner-pocket. There is an elastic closure, two bookmark ribbons and 10 color charts on diet facts and wellness solutions such as – good & bad facts about food, aromatherapy, ketogenic diet foods, gluten-free foods, acupressure & reflexology, Yin-Yang juicing, food combination and more.

“Juicing become very popular in the last years, but many are unaware of the right combinations when mixing fruit or vegetables. Our upcoming Radiance Planner will help you to understand the right food combination philosophy & yin-yang balance so that you always have the ideal juice mix. In short, we are going to get you the right aide to effectively raise your nutrition awareness. And yes, this is no flimsy spiral journal that you are going to have. In fact, with us, you will have best quality saddle stitch binding for a robust presence. Our previous edition successfully raised $5,119 CAD with its crowdfunding campaign and we are hopeful of a similar heightened response with the upcoming edition as well.”

A cool range of perks would be there for the backers, including a PDF copy of the planner and a beautiful thread-bound hardcover as well.

To show your support for the improved second edition of Radiance Planner, go to

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